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Shawna Dejoseph

Fashion Designer/Fashion Stylist

Address: Online Only

A Bit About Me

Born in raised in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Shawna Dejoseph developed a talent for sewing as a young girl. At the tender age of eleven Shawna Dejoseph was gifted with a sewing machine, a gift the would have a huge impact on her life. Shortly after, Shawna Dejoseph began sewing garments in her uncle's clothing store; this lead to Mrs. Dejoseph constructing garments for clients. However, it was not until she designed and made her first gown, that she discovered her passion for making clothing. After years of perseverance, sleepless nights, and constant creative energy, Shawna Dejoseph will start to develop her new collections 2022. Though she has been selling items privately online and in Sisterz Boutique. Shawna Dejoseph is ready to take her collections all over the world. Shawna Dejoseph is ready to kick fashion forward. Are you?

Fashion Tips

Body Type


Dress for your body type. This will allow you to get that perfect outfit you want to wear for your special occasion. Apple shape Top-heavy" you want to wear straight clothing any design keep it off the midsection. Nice comfortable soft slight fit.  Pear shape opposite of an apple shape this is bottom heavy A-line dress or X-line is great for this shape.  Straight or Rectangular body shape this is where bust waist and hips are about the same. Look for clothes that add volume and pull-in waist. Hourglass body shape this is a curved shape on the top to the body. Clothes that hug your waistline not to tight. Pencil skirts and tube tops

What colors can mean:

Red can give you energy

Orange creativity

Green is growth and wealth

Purple is playfulness and romance

Brown warmth

Yellow smiles and happiness

So many more colors to wear 


The textures you choose and the way they feel on your body are very important. This will make you feel certain ways in your clothing.

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